Rules and regulations

RULES & REGS TikiMarket (pdf)


RULES AND REGULATIONS TikiMarket at the Marina

NOTE: Please read and review the following items. You will be asked to agree to and comply with each of these on the Vendor Application, which you must complete and sign before you will be considered for the Market. It is recommended that you print out a copy of this to have for your records.

 1. VENDOR EQUIPMENT It is the responsibility of each vendor to supply tents, tent weights (20 lbs minimum per leg), tables, table covering, scales, display materials, electrical cords, cash floats, etc. (Chairs are not recommended for use in booth.) Note: Scales for weighing must meet standards of Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and be certified by FDACS Weights and Measures. 

2. VENDOR BOOTH SPACE Market Management will work with vendors on site location; however, Management reserves the right to assign location by size of rented space. No subletting or sharing of booth space is permitted. Vendor set-up must be contained within booth boundaries. Selling of products must be done within confines of booth space, and this includes sampling of items. No exceptions. 

3. COMPLIANCE WITH ALL HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS All health regulation codes are to be adhered to for food storage, display, handling and serving (such as, gloves for food handling, hats, hand-washing supplies, food covered, food products off the ground, etc.). See Food Code 2001, FS 500. Food products must be fully labeled, or a sign must be displayed in booth stating, “Ingredients available upon request.” An accompanying documents folder that lists ingredients for all food products must be up-to-date and in vendor’s booth at all times. 

4. BOOTH DISPLAYS AND PRESENTATION Market Management has the authority for “visual impact” and overall presentation of Market site. If it is determined by Market Management that a vendor’s display is detracting from the overall presentation, improvements will be discussed and changes will be required. Vendors are encouraged to decorate their booths in a “Tiki Bar” theme, such as, using colored tablecloths, paper and drinkware, if applicable, grass table skirts, etc. For help with sourcing decorations, ask Market Management.

 5. VENDOR FEES, PERMITS AND LICENSES Fees are nonrefundable and subject to change, at Management’s discretion. It is the vendor’s responsibility to acquire all required licenses and permits, which must be in place prior to the vendor’s first day of Market participation. 

6. VEHICLE REGULATIONS No moving vehicles (cars, vans, trucks) are allowed on the site during Market operating hours. Street barriers must never be moved. Danger to patrons and other vendors will prohibit future Market participation. 

7. SET-UP/BREAKDOWN/CLEAN-UP Set-up begins 1 and ½ hours before Market opening, and every vendor MUST be completely set up by scheduled opening time, which includes removal of your vehicle(s) from booth and market site. Vendors not on-site within 45 minutes of Market opening risk having their booth space reassigned. Breakdown starts at scheduled Market closing time. Even if vendor sells out, he or she must remain in booth till close of Market. Breakdown before closing time may result in expulsion from Market and prohibition of future participation. Clean up: Every item vendors bring must be  2 removed. Please stay at your booth until you or your employees have completed this. No debris, boxes, flower trimmings, food peelings, etc. may be left in vendor’s space. Failure to comply with complete clean-up at each Market will result in a fine and/or expulsion. If Market staff has to clean a vendor’s area or dispose of a vendor’s garbage, vendor will be charged a fee of $40/hour. Promenade pavement must not be damaged or soiled. Any additional cleaning charges incurred will first be deducted from vendor’s paid fees, and any remaining expense will be charged back to vendor. 

8. MARKET CANCELLATION POLICY Market Management will not cancel in advance of Market day. Safety is Management’s utmost concern. If there are concerns, call Manager Alisa Hall (561.352.6626). If vendors must cancel, they must notify Management (call or email) by noon of the preceding Wednesday. Any vendor who has not called in advance to cancel will be considered a “no show” and will be billed for the day. Failure to provide cancellation notice for two scheduled markets may result in loss of space, loss of fees paid and possible termination of future participation. 

9. MISCELLANEOUS MARKET RULES • Vendor booth locations are subject to change at Management’s discretion. • Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax. • All business-promotional materials need Management approval before they can be distributed at the Market—and such approved materials may be distributed only from within vendor’s booth space. • All sampling and business transactions must take place within vendor’s booth space— not beyond booth into the Market’s public areas. NO exceptions. • Vendors preparing food on site must have in their booth, 1 or 2 gallons of water with spigot, hand soap or sanitizer, paper towels and a bucket below spigot to catch all water. • All additional requirement requests of a Division of Hotels and Restaurants inspector must be met vendors. • The rules are subject to change without advance notice.

 ENFORCEMENT OF RULES 1. Market Management is responsible for enforcing the above stated rules. Disciplining violations is at the discretion of on-site Market Management. Continued violation by vendors will result in expulsion from the Market with no reimbursement of fees paid and no future participation. Your signature below confirms that you understand and will abide by the rules listed above. 2. Complaints regarding product legitimacy, operational detail and/or conduct of another vendor must be submitted in writing to Market Management for resolution. I understand the enforcement of the above stated rules, and I understand that I must indicate this on my application, confirming that I have read and agree to all above Rules and Regulations. I also understand that it is in my best interests to print out a copy of the Rules and Regulations so that I may refer to them, when necessary.